FotSJR Newsletter Winter/Spring 2013.pdf (NEW DESIGN!)

Theme: Water Quality Preservation
Inside this issue:
Living Water: Teachings of the Water Walkers
6th Annual St. Joseph River Watershed Council Meeting
Laying the Foundation For "Wetland Acceptance"
Dirty Facts About Sediment
The Grand Kankakee Marsh "Everglades of the North"
Creature Feature: Northern River Otter

FotSJR Newsletter Spring 2012.pdf

Theme: Water Quality Protection
Inside this issue:
Waterfront Wise: Contributing to the Health of Your Local Waterway
"Shoring Up!" Water Quality Begins at the Shoreline with Native Plants
Get Into the ReCycle of Things: Disposing of Household Hazardous Waste
"Fen-tastic!" Wetland Restoration Projects Improve Rare Butterfly Habitat
5th Annual SJR Watershed Council Meeting Highlights
Creature Feature: Mitchell's Satyr
FotSJR 2012 Al Smith Watershed Stewardship Award Winner

FotSJR Newsletter Winter 2012.pdf (Single Page View)
FotSJR Newsletter Winter 2012.pdf (Full Page View)

Theme: Marsh Madness
Inside this issue:
It's A Swamp Thing! How to Help the Public Care About Marshy, Mucky and Ducky Places
5th Annual St. Joseph River Watershed Council Meeting
Marsh Madness In The St. Joseph River Watershed
Creature Feature: Wood Duck
FotSJR Announces Al Smith Watershed Stewardship Award

FotSJR Newsletter Fall 2011.pdf

Theme: Impacts To Fisheries
Inside this issue:
No Dumping, Drains To River: Stormdrains Add Pollution, Harm Fisheries
Is Our Water Protected?
Put A LID On It! Reducing Urban Runoff in the St. Joseph River Watershed
Taking The Bait! Understanding the Risks Of Aquatic Invasive Species
Workshop Looks At Barriers To Fish Migration
Creature Feature: Common Carp
FotSJR Founders Honored At Dedication Ceremony

FotSJR Newsletter Spring 2011.pdf

Theme: Flooding
Inside this issue:
Water, Water Everywhere! Understanding the Basic Causes of Flooding
Wetland Protection through Floodplain Management
The Role of Wetlands in a Floodplain
Take a Load Off! Steps to Reduce Runoff from Agricultural & Urban Lands
Highlights from the 4th Annual SJR Watershed Council Meeting
Creature Feature: Bald Eagle
Celebrating the Life of FotSJR Founder Al Smith

FotSJR Newsletter Winter 2011.pdf (NEW DESIGN!)

Theme: Water Quality
Inside this issue:
Salting the Watershed: Effects of Road Salt on Water Quality & Habitat
The Clean Water Act: Water Quality Standards for Surface Waters
Not all Wetlands are Created Equal
Award-Winning Restoration: Pigeon Creek Watershed
FotSJR to Host Annual SJR Watershed Council Meeting & Dinner
Creature Feature: Rayed Bean Mussel
Biofilms: A Beneficial Bacterial Community

FotSJR December 2010 Newsletter.pdf

Theme: Tribal / Low Impact Development
Inside this issue:
Low Impact Development on Tribal Land
Three Numbers Changing the St. Joseph River Watershed
Incentivizing Conservation
The Potawatomi Connection to the St. Joseph River Watershed
Lower Water in St. Joseph River Exposes Abandoned Cars
Creature Feature: Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake
Low Impact Development: Definition and Examples

FotSJR September 2010 Newsletter.pdf

Theme: Fisheries
Inside this issue:
Navigating the "Ladders" to Success
Two Federal Acts Aid Kalamazoo River Oil Spill Clean Up Efforts
FotSJR Receive "Fresh" Funding
"'Stock' it to 'em!" The Interstate Anadromous Fish Project
FotSJR Founders Named Honorary Directors & Lifetime Members
FotSJR Elects New Board Member
Creature Feature: Rainbow Trout
Our Readers Ask: What are Aquatic Invasive Species?

FotSJR May 2010 Newsletter.pdf

Theme: Wetlands
Inside this issue:
Restoring our River: A Hydro-Logical Approach
The Clean Water Act: A Look at Section 404 & Wetlands
FotSJR Awarded USEPA Wetland Program Development Grant
A Wetland Never Forgets It's a Wetland
SJR Watershed Council Meeting Puts Wetlands in the Spotlight
FotSJR Welcomes New Board Members & Officers
Creature Feature: Blanchard's Cricket Frog
Celebrate American Wetlands Month

FotSJR January 2010 Newsletter.pdf

Theme: Nonpoint Source Pollution / Water Quality
Inside this issue:
FotSJR Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary
Defining CAFOs
USDA Funds Better Farms
South Bend at Work on CSOs
FotSJR Welcomes New Outreach Coordinator
Support the Friends
Creature Feature: Great Blue Heron
Our Readers Ask: What is Nonpoint Source Pollution

River Currents Newsletter Winter/Spring 2013

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